About Association

The Association for Persons with Exceptional Needs (APEN), is an organization of professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life and service delivery for all individuals identified as having special needs. Members include social workers, Special Educators, teacher trainers, physiotherapists, speech clinicians, psychologists, health care providers, counselors, family members and those associated with related disciplines.

Our Mission

To equip persons with exceptional needs, through best practices in education, training and support services, for open employment and life-long learning, in partnership with our stakeholders and the community.

Our Vision

To build an inclusive community where everyone is a part of it, and not apart from it.


The organization believes that all persons with special needs:

  • Have the right to enjoy life and be respected at all times
  • Are entitled to fully access health, educational, transport services and any other services available to the general public
  • Are ensured that their skills, talents and abilities are recognized and developed to their full potential
  • Are ensured to have an equal representation by having a strong voice in the decision making process
  • Are entitled to live and be part of the community
  • Are ensured to be provided with the appropriate trainings in order to be empowered and fully participate in the community they live in.





Mr Athar Ali

Mr Waseem


  1. To maintain a motivated, dedicated and quality oriented team of professionals.
  2. To provide education, therapies, training, rehabilitation, counseling and employment opportunities to special persons appropriate to their needs.
  3. To actively contribute to programs towards building social awareness through appropriate media.
  4. To conduct research in key areas of special education and training.
  5. To educate & train parents, families of special persons and teachers.
  6. To provide expert legal advocacy to such persons and their families.
  7. To establish and promote mutually beneficial relationships with local and international organizations to benefit special persons.
  8. To provide a forum for disabled people to share both their problems and their experiences of successful personal development and valued work.
  9. To help create conditions for other disabled people to realise their full potential.
  10. To improve public knowledge and acceptance of the capabilities, needs and problems of special persons, particularly in relation to education and employment.
  11. To promote inclusive education and mainstreaming of children with special learning needs.